Technology Park, Lviv - 2008

Client: Lviv Regional Administration

Location: On the site of a former military airport in the town of Gorodok, approximately 30km West of the city of Lviv, Ukraine.

Investment Costs: Infrastructure Installation €10.0M thereafter budgeting on an individual project basis.

Planning Work: To be confirmed (Awaiting public/private funding initiatives)

Construction Work: To be confirmed (Awaiting public/private funding initiatives)

Key Characteristics:

  • Built up area of 46 Hectares
  • The size and placement of the planned buildings in the park is very flexible and will be determined by client's requirements.
  • The expected size of sites dedicated to individual investors ranges from 2 to 10 hectares with up to 70% ratio of built-up area.
  • The following types of the buildings are planned: High volume manufacturing, Logistics & distribution, Key sub-supply operations such as cabling, injection moulding, metal stamping, Flexible multi-purpose buildings
  • Development project currently awaiting funding from Lviv Regional Administration and Ukrainian government.

Scope of Work:

Feasibility Study, Re-Development Concept